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Candidate for Pearce

Kim Travers, Labor's candidate for Pearce, has been a tireless advocate for mental health awareness and sensitivity in the police force over her 28 year long career as a police officer.

Raised by her grandparents in the country town of Merredin she was taught early on that there was value in living a life that involved hard work and community.

Kim’s life has been immersed in picking up the pieces of other people’s shattered lives and she believe it is her responsibility to do all she can to influence our future and improve our community for the future generations.

In November 2015, Kim was promoted to Superintendent and is currently overseeing the delivery of the 2-year Mental Health Co-Response Trial and the WA Police Custodial Services and Mental Health Division.

Kim’s core belief is that the government has a responsibility to all citizens and not just the privileged. Everyone has a right to education, health care, employment and a roof over their head. This is why she has chosen to run as a Labor candidate in the seat of Pearce. After almost thirty years on the frontline assisting those in crisis she believes the way to fix the core issues causing disadvantage in our society is for her to stand up for her community and help elect a Shorten Labor Government.