Marion Boswell


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54 Cheriton Street
Perth WA 6000

0451 186 588


Candidate for Tangney

Marion, Labor’s candidate for Tangney, was born in the picturesque West Coast of Scotland. Her family were very poor, but Marion grew up with a determination to work hard and always do her best.

Marion has worked in high schools and TAFE teaching English and Business subjects, and has successfully managed and owned small businesses in Scotland. She is extremely proud of having had the opportunity to work in all of these roles, and has fond memories of the position she held, where she literally took education to the people of an industry starved area in Scotland.

Marion was faced with mending the lost self-esteem of a hard-working people whose livelihoods had been removed from them by a Government which had no vision, and even less concern for its actions or people.

It was at this point that Marion realised that the Labor Party had clear goals for all of its people, and wanted a fair go for all. That is the reason that Marion is such a staunch Labor lady.

With dedication, determination and drive, and in a time period of nine months, Marion worked to create an oasis of education in a new centre within an old building (which local people frequented) with a variety of subjects being taught.

Marion had the qualifications for these roles, the result of studies in Strathclyde University in Scotland and Curtin University. Marion's husband is a Mechanical Engineering lecturer, and she has three children who have all attended schools in Tangney and studied in TAFE and University in Tangney.

Marion became very involved in Little Athletics while her children all competed as Little Athletes, her youngest son attending from under 7s until under 17s. Marion quickly became a busy Club and Centre committee member, as well as Centre President for three years.

Marion was so dismayed to eventually realise that Liberal-held Tangney was an electorate which received little expenditure or attention by the Liberal State and Federal Governments. She felt distressed that the Tangney Labor voters did not have a representative to be their voice, and of course all of the Tangney residents are often, in vain, seeking assistance in some way. She immediately decided to enter politics to endeavour to put Tangney 'back on the map', and to ensure that its residents and the entire constituency receive the attention that has been so sadly lacking.