Martyn Abbott

Candidate for Goldstein

How to vote for Labor in Goldstein

Martyn Abbott believes that Australians deserve an honest government that will tackle the issues facing our society while building future prosperity and promoting fairness.

Raised in Sandringham, the son of an IT specialist and a financial manager, Martyn attended local public primary and secondary schools before attending RMIT to study finance. Growing up in Bayside while attending public education, Martyn learnt the importance of hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurialism.

Being a part of Goldstein's strong Jewish community, Martyn believes in combating discrimination and hatred.

The importance of conserving the environment, protecting the climate, and the need to take firm action on climate change has been lifelong beliefs.

After leaving education, Martyn worked in various sectors; construction, hospitality, financial services, logistics, and most recently in the public service since 2019, instilling the importance of combating job insecurity and under-employment.

Martyn understands the part that education, training, and skills play for both work and the success of an economy. He is committed to supporting Australians to get the skills they need to secure full-time employment while allowing industries to innovate and grow.

Martyn is standing for Goldstein because of his commitment to a just and fair society with a government that supports families through easing cost of living pressures, creates more opportunities to find success, and is committed to tackling climate change.

The Morrison Government has no plan, no vision for the future, no commitment to tackling climate change. It's time Goldstein had the government it needs and deserves.

Martyn Abbott and Labor will fight for a fairer future for Goldstein.