Sharon Bird


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74 Crown Street
Wollongong NSW 2500

(02) 4228 5899

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Member for Cunningham

Sharon and her family have lived in Wollongong for five generations. Sharon was first elected to parliament in 2004.

As a former high school and TAFE teacher and worker with the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice, Sharon is a tireless advocate for education and youth issues.

As the Member for Cunningham, Sharon understands the reality of life in regional Australia.

“Ensuring that all Australians are connected with the services and infrastructure they need to participate in a prosperous future has always been of particular interest to me. I am determined to make sure that regional Australia benefits fully from our strong, growing economy.”

This means overseeing the connection of Australians in regional areas to the National Broadband Network, announcing funding to enable new programs in the regions and improving road safety for all Australians.