Shireen Morris

Candidate for Deakin

Shireen Morris, Labor’s candidate for Deakin, grew up in North Ringwood and lives in Nunawading. She was born in Australia, and is of Indian and Fijian-Indian heritage. As a young person, Shireen worked at the old BI-LO in Ringwood and temped as an admin assistant. Through her twenties she worked as an actress and singer, performing Shakespeare in the Botanic garden, plays, singing in bands and songwriting.

Shireen later studied to be a lawyer and earned a PhD in constitutional law. She spent 7 years as a policy expert and advocate at Cape York Institute, working on Indigenous constitutional recognition and developing the concept of a First Nations body in the Constitution. She is now a postdoctoral fellow at Melbourne University Law School.

Shireen has published three books. The most recent book, released in July, is Radical Heart: Three Stories Make Us One (MUP). Shireen has also published several academic articles, and is a regular commentator in print and on TV and radio.