Simon Earle

Candidate for Cook

How to vote for Labor in Cook

Simon Earle is the CEO of a training company, a former primary school teacher, and educator with Life Education.

He lives in Caringbah with his wife Emma and their two children who attend local, public high schools. Simon has been a resident of Cook electorate for thirty years, alongside four generations of his family.

Like many Australians, Simon is disappointed with the performance of the Coalition government. He believes the Prime Minister is out of touch with his electorate, and the government is not representing all Australians. 

Simon is passionate about equality for everyone and has seen the government ignore the traditional owners of our land, fail to address gender equality, and neglect society’s most vulnerable including the aged, people with disabilities as well as our youth and ordinary families struggling to make ends meet.

Simon knows that successful, healthy communities collectively build a strong nation. He has seen the government progressively erode the very pillars that allow communities to thrive and contribute to Australia’s prosperity: quality, affordable school, TAFE and university education; world-class healthcare for all underpinned by Medicare; and decent, secure jobs with good pay and fair conditions. 

Simon surfs the beaches of Cronulla, has been a local Surf Club member for ten years, developing the lifesavers of the future, and was an active patrol member in his youth. He was a former volunteer for the local Coast Guard and Marine Rescue operations and has campaigned for women’s equality and violence prevention for over ten years. 

Simon is a real local, who pitches in for his community. He can be trusted to listen and be a strong advocate for Cook.