Stacey Schinnerl

Senate Candidate for Queensland

Stacey has spent her entire working life representing Queensland workers and defending those who have suffered from unfair work practices, discrimination and disadvantage.  She has seen first hand the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor.  The struggle of working people to access quality education, health care and earn a living wage is all too real.

Stacey also spent many years working in the retail and hospitality sectors and understands what it’s like to rely on penalty rates to make ends meet. The restoration of such entitlements will be the first (and vital) step in delivering a fair go for hardworking Australians.

As a parent to four young children and proud resident of the Gold Coast, Stacey understands the everyday pressures on family budgets. With her children all in a public school, she knows how important proper funding and support is for students and their families.

Stacey has a strongly developed sense of social justice. She believes that a movement is at its best when its members get involved. Because we are stakeholders in the outcome, we must also be participants in the process. That’s why she is standing for the Senate – so that she, in a Shorten Labor Government, can help deliver a Fair Go for Australia.