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Candidate for Bowman

Dr Tom Baster, Labor's candidate for Bowman lives on the Redlands coast, a community he knows and loves.

As a family GP for more than 30 years, Tom put the needs of his patients first and built relationships of trust with all members in our community.

Dr Baster’s experience in health means he understands how the LNP’s cuts and chaos will hurt our community. Andrew Laming and Scott Morrison have tried time and again to hand billions to the banks, while cutting from local hospitals and schools. Locals are sick of this coalition of cuts and chaos, who are only focused on themselves.

Dr Baster believes in supporting our local schools and hospitals, not big banks. He will work with our community and small businesses to improve infrastructure, support our senior community and attract jobs to our region.

As a trusted and proven leader in our community, Dr Tom Baster will put the Redlands first.