Troy Kay

Candidate for Groom

Troy Kay, Labor’s Candidate for Groom is a local through and through, living with his wife and raising his five children in Toowoomba over the last 15 years. Troy is proud to have served in the military and worked in health.

He now works in financial counselling where he helps people manage financial pressures facing their family.

Troy understands the importance of locals having access to affordable health services and properly funded schools. He also knows the importance of having access to jobs and earning a fair day’s wage.

Scott Morrison and the LNP have tried to hand billions in concessions to big banks while cutting from the very hospitals and schools hardworking locals rely on.

Troy will fight for our community and put our local schools and hospitals first. He will work with our community and small businesses to improve infrastructure, protect jobs and deliver a fair go for Groom.

Troy Kay will be a strong voice for our region.