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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fact that too many people in Australia work in low paid, insecure employment. 

Cleaners, supermarket workers, truck drivers, childcare workers, aged care staff and other essential workers were on the front line keeping the economy going and keeping Australians safe. 

But under Scott Morrison’s proposed new industrial relations laws, workers could have their pay and conditions cut.

Cuts to pay and conditions are bad for workers and bad for the economy. For Australia to recover from the recession we need people with the money and confidence to spend.

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Will you help protect workers' pay and conditions?

This is an attack on working people and their pay. And we simply can’t stand for it.

Labor will always fight for your right to have a secure job with decent pay – but we need your help.

Will you join our campaign to protect workers' pay and conditions?

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Authorised P. Erickson, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.

Information current as at February 2021.