It will be easier for your boss to cut your hours, loadings and penalty rates.


The Liberals and Nationals are trying to pass new laws which would allow for radical changes to workers' pay and conditions.

It’s a slap in the face to the workers who are getting us through this awful pandemic.

The new laws make it easier for businesses to employ people as casuals, even when they work like permanent workers.

This will inevitably lead to more casualisation of part time work.

Worse, the legislation allows enterprise agreements to avoid meeting the ‘Better Off Overall Test’ for two years – and potentially much longer.

By allowing the removal of the Better Off Overall Test, these laws would give business a green light to cut wages and conditions by allowing agreements to cut penalty rates, shift allowances and other entitlements.

This is what happens if you abolish the Better Off Overall Test – workers will end up worse off.

Millions of Australians who work in low paid, insecure jobs have already missed out on JobKeeper.

Casuals, contractors, freelancers, labour hire workers and gig workers – all left behind by the Morrison Government. 

These vulnerable workers were hit first and hit hardest – and now the Liberals and Nationals are trying to make it even worse for these workers with these sweeping changes to workplace laws.

This is Scott Morrison’s answer to the problem of insecure and low paid work. He’s gone from JobKeeper to PayCutter in a heartbeat. 

Cleaners, supermarket workers, truck drivers, childcare workers, aged care staff and many other essential workers on the frontline put themselves at risk to keep the economy going and Australians safe. But under Scott Morrison’s proposed new laws, they could actually end up taking a pay cut.

When the Liberal-National government last cut penalty rates for retail, fast food, pharmacy and hospitality workers it failed to deliver a single extra job. But now we are expected to believe that cutting more penalty rates, cutting overtime, cutting shift loading, cutting allowances will create jobs.

Australian workers know they cannot trust a Liberal-National Government with their wages and conditions. We’ve seen it before – it’s what they always do. And they’re trying to do it again.

Cuts to pay and conditions are bad for workers and bad for the economy. For Australia to recover from the recession we need people with the money and confidence to spend.

The government says the economy is doing well enough that businesses no longer need JobKeeper. But then they say the economy is doing so badly they need to cut the pay of workers. They can't have it both ways. 

Make no mistake. Labor will stand up for workers. We will fight against these laws.

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Authorised P. Erickson, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.