Keep Women Safe

The Liberals have cut funding to a program which helps women who have experienced domestic violence remain safely in their own home.

Keeping Women Safe In Their Home provides practical help for women and their children in their homes, allowing them to live safely through:

  • Expert safety assessments and safety planning;
  • Home safety upgrades and devices, such as new locks, alarms, cameras and safety phones;
  • Screening for bugs to ensure privacy; and
  • Supporting women in enforcing Apprehended Violence Orders.

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home. Women should not have to choose between their home and their safety.

It’s time Scott Morrison and the Liberals got the message. Women should be able to end violent and abusive relationships as safely and as quickly as possible – but his answer is cuts to services that will protect women.

Enough is enough. Sign the petition now to tell Scott Morrison that women deserve to be safe in their homes and fund this vital program.

Information current as at November 2018.