Will you help Labor stop Scott Morrison’s attack on democracy?

The Liberals and Nationals are proposing drastic measures to make it harder to vote, and disenfranchise thousands of Australians.

Pauline Hanson has already claimed credit for designing these laws for Scott Morrison.

The proposed laws introduce American-style voter suppression measures into our democracy, requiring every Australian to produce identification to be able to vote.

Not only is this a deliberate barrier to voting, but these laws will mean longer queues at polling booths – doubling the time it takes to vote.

This unfairly impacts workers, multicultural communities, indigenous communities, and those without easy access to identification.

There is no reason for Scott Morrison to introduce these laws – except making it harder for you to vote, and saving his own job.

Will you join our campaign to protect our democracy, and defeat these laws?

Information current as at November 2021.