Will you stand up for the SBS?

Australians turn to the SBS for quality local and international news, world movies, multicultural and multilingual programming, Eurovision, Tour de France and the World Game.

Each month more than 13 million Australians watch SBS TV, tune in to SBS Radio and use SBS On Demand.

In their first two terms, the Liberals cut SBS funding by $53.7 million – after promising no cuts.

Morrison even went ahead with his cuts despite warnings from SBS this would impact services and put the FIFA World Cup coverage at risk.

These cuts forced the SBS to hand over World Cup coverage to Optus – leaving Australian fans frustrated with interrupted coverage.

The Liberals even used the SBS as a bargaining chip in back room deals with Pauline Hanson, who says “we should get rid of SBS”.

Enough is enough.

We must speak up before it’s too late and send a clear message of support for our unique public broadcaster that celebrates Australia’s rich diversity.

It’s up to all of us to stand up for the SBS against the Liberals’ attacks.

Information current as at June 2019.