Australians expect the Morrison Government to be doing more to protect national icons like the koala after thousands have perished during the 2019-20 bushfires.

Australians were also shocked to hear about the massacre of koalas at Cape Bridgewater in early 2020.

But there were no protections for that Victorian Koala population under federal law since they weren’t listed as vulnerable.

The koala is a national icon and deserves national protection. Current laws and penalties are not tough enough.

So will you sign our petition calling on the Morrison Government to protect the koala?

We want the Morrison Government to act now by delivering:

  1. Stronger Protections: the koala, as a national icon, needs federal protection;
  2. Tougher Penalties: federal environment laws should impose strict penalties for acts of deliberate animal death; and
  3. A National Approach: the government should work with the states now on a consistent national approach to protecting the koala, and undertake a comprehensive ecological audit to assess the damage to populations from bushfires.

So please sign our petition and help Labor to put pressure on the Morrison Government to protect the koala.

Information current as at February 2020.