A Fair Go For LGBTIQ Australians


A Shorten Labor Government will deliver a fairer Australia for LGBTIQ people by tackling discrimination and giving a stronger voice to LGBTIQ Australians.

Labor has a proud record of promoting and defending the rights of LGBTIQ people. When Labor was last in Government we introduced an unprecedented number of reforms and rights protections for LGBTIQ Australians, ending legal discrimination in 85 pieces of Commonwealth legislation.

We fought side by side with LGBTIQ Australians in the fight for Marriage Equality, and together, we won.

We understand, however, that there is more to do.


A Shorten Labor Government will:

  • Establish a National LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council
  • Protect LGBTIQ students and staff from discrimination in schools
  • Work with the states and territories on a nationwide ban on so-called “LGBTIQ Conversion Therapy”
  • Establish a full-time LGBTIQ Human Rights Commissioner within the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Work to remove all remaining discrimination at the federal level
  • Provide small grants to LGBTIQ Community organisations
  • Provide $10 million to the new Victorian Pride Centre
  • $600,000 for JoyFM
  • Make HIV history, with a package of measures to end new infections
  • Work to ensure aged care is appropriate for the LGBTIQ community.


Labor has a comprehensive plan to ensure a fair go for LGBTI Australians. Details of our policies can be found here.