An Equal and Inclusive Nation

Labor believes all Australians have the right to live their lives free of discrimination.

Labor is the primary architect of the anti-discrimination law framework in Australia. We will continue to defend and enhance that framework to ensure that it is fit for purpose, accessible and promotes equality.

We don’t want to see anyone treated unfairly. We are a diverse nation and we need to respect every Australian for who they are.

An Albanese Labor Government is committed to building upon Labor’s proud history of advancing equality for:

All Australians should be able to go about their lives free from discrimination. We will seek to enhance protections in a way that brings Australians together, drawing on the bonds of our common humanity, as expressed in the human rights treaties that Australia has ratified and that Labor continues to champion.

Following the recent debate on the Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill, Anthony Albanese committed that a future Labor government will:

  • prevent discrimination against people of faith, including anti-vilification protections;
  • act to protect all students from discrimination on any grounds; and
  • protect teachers from discrimination at work, whilst maintaining the right of religious schools to preference people of their faith in the selection of staff.

Labor sees the strengthening of our anti-discrimination laws as an opportunity to unite the nation, rather than to divide it.

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