Australian Republic and Head of State


A Shorten Labor Government will hold a national vote to give every Australian voter a voice in the process of becoming a republic with an Australian Head of State.

It’s time we had an Australian Head of State.

Labor believes Australians are ready to transition to an Australian Republic, with an Australian Head of State, who can fully represent our traditions, values and aspirations as a nation.

Instead of borrowing a foreign crown from the other side of the globe, let us face the world as a proud Australian Republic with an Australian citizen as our Head of State.


A Labor Government will:

  • In our first term of government hold a national vote seeking the views of the Australian people about becoming a republic.
  • If the result is yes, Labor will promote community debate, consulting with the Australian people, other political parties and the states and territories, about the advantages and disadvantages of the various republican models.
  • Consult Australians about the model of appointment of an Australian Head of State.
  • When detailed constitutional changes are prepared, initiate an appropriate secondary referendum under the Constitution.

Only a Labor Government will provide the national leadership and maturity required to reform and modernise our Constitution to appoint an Australian as our Head of State.