Labor Will Better Fund The ABC

An Albanese Labor Government will provide certainty for the national broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, by providing them with five-year funding terms.

This five-year funding commitment is in addition to Labor’s previous commitment that an Albanese Government will reverse Scott Morrison’s cut of $83.7 million to the ABC.

It is essential to bolster the independence and stability of the national broadcasters as a guard against political interference in Australia’s democratic institutions.

Where misinformation has the capacity to undermine public order, health and safety, the ABC and SBS are trusted sources of news, information and entertainment for all Australians.

In the face of political, social and economic instability at home and abroad, we must ensure that Australia’s instruments of nation building, democracy and culture remain strong now and into the future.

This includes independent public service media that holds power to account on behalf of the Australian people.

Currently, both the ABC and SBS are funded on a triennial (three year) basis.

Increased funding certainty outside the electoral cycle will improve the capacity of the national broadcasters to innovate as well as plan with the diverse ecosystems they support, including across education, screen production and international broadcasting.

In addition to five-year funding terms, a Labor Government will review options for delivering a greater level of financial stability and certainty to the national broadcasters to safeguard against arbitrary ideological cuts and political interference.

These commitments are informed by the findings of the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee inquiry into allegations of political interference to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Morrison-Joyce Government simply can’t be trusted on the ABC and SBS.

After promising “No cuts to the ABC or SBS” the Liberal National Government slashed their budgets and has launched repeated attacks on them, including two attempts to increase prime time advertising on SBS and various attempts to meddle with the ABC Charter.

While the Liberal Federal Council voted to privatise the ABC, the Labor Party is united and speaks as one when it comes to the importance of the national broadcasters.

Only Labor will protect the ABC and SBS as independent public broadcasters.

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