Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Under an Albanese Labor Government, an additional 50,000 older Australians will be eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card from 1 July 2022. 

The income test for access to a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card will increase to $90,000 a year for singles (up from $57,761) and to $144,000 a year for couples (up from $92,416).

With a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you may get benefits such as:

  • Cheaper medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
  • Bulk billed doctor visits – if your doctor extends eligibility to Seniors Health Card holders.
  • A refund for medical costs when you reach the Medicare Safety Net.

Australians who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are often also eligible for discounts on property and water rates, electricity and gas bills, ambulance, dental, eye care and public transport.

Costs of living are soaring with many Australians cutting back on essentials in order to make ends meet. Under the Liberals, the costs of seeing a GP have increased by 33 per cent and the cost of medicines and other pharmacy items have also gone up.

This will ensure more Australians will qualify for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, easing some of the cost-of-living pressures that people are facing.