Fulfilling the Promise of Uluru

The Uluru Statement from the Heart was the ultimate act of generosity – the offer of a genuine partnership, and a real chance for us to create a reconciled Australia. It calls for three things – Voice, Treaty and Truth.

Labor is the only political party committed to implementing the Uluru Statement in full.

A Constitutionally Enshrined Voice to Parliament

An Albanese Labor Government will progress a referendum to constitutionally enshrine a Voice to Parliament in our first term.

We know that if we want to change outcomes for First Nations people, we must allow these voices to be heard.

Five years after the Uluru Statement was presented to the Australian people, there should be no more delay.

A Makarrata Commission for Treaty and Truth-Telling

Labor will also establish a Makarrata Commission with responsibility for truth-telling and treaty.

If we want to understand the challenges of the present, we must understand their roots in past trauma.

The Makarrata Commission will support and fund local models of truth-telling, in partnership with First Nations communities and other levels of government.

It will also develop a national framework for treaty-making, taking into account existing state and territory treaty processes.

Without truth and treaty, we can never be all that we can as a nation. Labor will take the steps necessary to progress these important elements of the Uluru Statement and ensure its full vision becomes a reality.