Helping Families Learn and Grow with Playgroups

  • An Albanese Labor Government will help playgroups recover from COVID so more families can be part of a playgroup and connect with other parents, children and community members.

  • Playgroups shut down around the country during the pandemic, taking away an important source of connection, community and support for new mums and kids.

  • Labor will set up new intergenerational playgroups and more groups in regional and remote areas, help playgroups discount their fees, upgrade facilities and buy new toys.

Why is this needed?

Playgroups are great for mums and dads – helping new parents connect with others on a similar journey, build support networks and learn more about raising kids – and they’re fantastic for children, boosting social, emotional and physical development.

Too many parents and children missed out on this opportunity during the pandemic, and many playgroups are yet to return to normal.

The details

Labor will invest $11 million to:

  • Support Playgroups Australia and Toy Libraries Australia to grow their membership, offer free playgroups and set up new playgroups in regional and remote areas.

  • Upgrade facilities and purchase new materials, like toys and books, for playgroups and toy libraries across the country.

  • Help expand intergenerational playgroups – like those seen in the television series Old People’s Homes for 4 Year Olds – many of which are yet to return to normal after COVID.