Labor’s Plan to Fix the NDIS


A Shorten Labor Government will get the NDIS back on track.

It took a Labor Government to build the NDIS, and it will take a Shorten Labor Government to get it back on track.

Under the Liberals, the NDIS rollout has been too slow – with over 77,000 people missing out as a result.

The scheme has become too bureaucratic and the experiences of people with disability, families and carers has often been poor.

People are struggling to access services, and on average are being short-changed by over $13,000 per year.

This is not how the NDIS was supposed to be.

Labor created the NDIS to give people with disability choice and control over their lives. But under the Liberals, too many people with disability, families and carers feel the scheme is not delivering on what was promised.

But worst of all, the Liberals will short-change the NDIS – and the people who rely on it – by $1.6 billion next year alone.

When money budgeted for the NDIS isn’t going to the NDIS, it’s a cut.

The Liberals are using the NDIS to prop up their tax handouts to the top end of town.

It’s no accident that people with disability are being short-changed. It’s a direct result of the Liberals’ actions, including capping staff, delaying the rollout, failing to invest in the workforce and keeping prices for services too low.

After five ministers in five years, it’s time to get the NDIS back on track.


A Shorten Labor Government will establish a National Disability Insurance Scheme Future Fund – guaranteeing that every dollar budgeted for the NDIS, goes to the NDIS.

The $1.6 billion the Liberals are taking from the NDIS 2019-20 will be put into the NDIS Future Fund, along with any future underspends.

It will be a ‘locked box’ to protect the NDIS from Liberal cuts.

A Shorten Labor Government will also put people with disability at the centre of the NDIS once again. Labor will make the scheme more responsive, less complex and more people-focused. Our plan includes:

  1. A new culture that puts people with disability first.
  2. Establishing an NDIS Future Fund.
  3. More, better-trained staff.
  4. Better planning, more choice and easier reviews.
  5. Ensuring equitable access to the NDIS.
  6. Fixing the gaps between the NDIS and mainstream services.
  7. Valuing a skilled disability workforce.
  8. Keeping people with disability safe and boosting advocacy.
  9. A strong disability services sector.
  10. Improving research and evaluation.

Labor’s plan has been developed after extensive consultation with people with disability, families, carers, advocates, workers and providers across Australia.

A Shorten Labor Government will seek the support of the states and territories for this plan and issue a formal directive to the NDIA Board under section 125 of the NDIS Act, to quickly get the NDIS back on track.

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