Labor's Plan For A National Centre For AI Excellence


Labor's Plan For A National Centre For AI Excellence

Labor will invest $3m to help establish a National Centre of AI Excellence

Artificial Intelligence will have a profound impact on societies and their economies.

Other countries have wasted little time recognising this and are actively planning to seize on AI’s potential.

For example, in our own neighbourhood China is muscling up to become an AI leader by 2030, and it sees a $1 trillion industry emerging as a result of these plans.

We cannot stumble our way to success. We need to plan and act together.


Through the National Centre of AI Excellence, we will gather the talents of those from different backgrounds – business, unions, education, civic and non-government organisations – and bring them together with common purpose, thinking and acting on common ground.

We do not only want to apply AI to build stronger Australian businesses. We want to think about the impact of technology on jobs and prepare for the changes ahead.

This is the first announcement of its kind in Australia. The Liberal government has failed to address this fast approaching and complex issue.

Within a nation that reportedly has as many AI researchers as France, we have the Australian brains that can make AI work for us.

In Government, Labor will engage with stakeholders to agree how our $3 million commitment can best be used to support research, advice and industry acceleration. We look forward to engaging in that process.

Labor seeks to maximise the benefit of technology for the benefit of all Australians and is not afraid to lead the way.

We will pay for it by making multinationals pay their fair share of tax and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town.