Labor's Plan For Energy Efficiency


Labor's Plan For Energy Efficiency

A Shorten Labor Government will implement a comprehensive plan to improve energy productivity in industry, to cut power bills for households and businesses and reduce pollution.

Australian industry and households can substantially reduce energy bills by improving energy efficiency and decreasing energy waste, getting more out of each unit of energy. This will improve industry competitiveness, cut energy bills, cut pollution and importantly, protect and create jobs.

Australia’s level of energy efficiency is very low by international standards. The latest American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s International Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranks Australia 18th in the total measure of energy efficiency, and 22nd in terms of industrial energy efficiency, just behind Russia.

Australia’s energy efficiency performance has also been falling over time. Australia’s latest 18th overall energy efficiency ranking was preceded in 2016 by a ranking of 14th, and in 2014 by a ranking of 10th. The International Energy Agency also ranked Australia last out of developed countries in energy efficiency policy and performance.


Labor will end the Liberals’ negligence when it comes to energy efficiency. We will implement a comprehensive set of measures to get Australia on track to a more productive and lower energy cost economy, cut power bills for households and businesses and reduce pollution. We will:

· Allow ARENA to support energy efficiency projects.

· Re-focus the efforts of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to increase its support for energy efficiency projects.

· Introduce a Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Accelerator program with a thousand grants of $20,000 for Australian manufacturers to engage experts to provide manufacturers with energy efficiency advice and support.

· Develop an accreditation system for energy auditors and training programs for manufacturers.

· Revitalise energy efficiency reforms at COAG to enhance COAG’s National Energy Productivity Plan, reform energy efficiency governance, support the harmonisation of state-based Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes, and revitalise COAG’s efforts to introduce a National Home Comfort Rating System.

We will pay for it by making multinationals pay their fair share and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town.