Labor's Plan For Secure Jobs


Labor has a plan for an economy with decent secure jobs not just labour hire and casual work.

There are 2.3 million casual workers in Australia. There are a record 1.79 million people wanting to work more hours. And there is a record-breaking one million second or third jobs being worked.   

For some workers, labour hire and casual work is a pathway into a permanent job, but for too many workers, it is now a way of life.

People are waiting for text messages late at night to tell them if and where they’re working the next day.

For these workers it’s tough to pay the rent and the bills, let alone get a car loan or a mortgage. It’s tough to arrange child-care or make any plans.

For over five years this government has denied there is a problem with casualisation and precarious work.


Labor’s has a plan for decent secure jobs –

Labour hire: If you’re doing the same job, you should get the same pay. Labor will legislate to ensure that workers employed through a labour hire company will receive the same pay and conditions as people employed directly.

Casuals: We want to make sure people aren’t stuck in the purgatory of permanent casualisation, with all the obligations and commitments expected of the permanent employee, but with no guarantee of job security, no leave entitlements and no protections.

Labor will end the use of so-called ‘permanent casuals’ by introducing an objective definition of casual. We will also allow workers to request permanent part-time or full-time employment after 12 months of regular hours with the same employer, and provide workers with the right to challenge an employer who unreasonably refuses such a request. 

Gig economy: Labor will make sure workers in the gig economy are paid properly and not used to undermine Australian wages, including by changing the legal test for sham contracting. Labor doesn’t support a business model if it can only succeed by undermining workers’ rights and avoiding workers’ entitlements. 

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