Labor's Plan For The AFP In Hobart


A Shorten Labor Government will reinstate 16 Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers at Hobart Airport, restoring a permanent AFP presence that was cut by the Liberals.

This will strengthen our national security, enhance safety at the airport, improve detection of federal crimes and enable Tasmania Police to re-divert resources back to community safety across Tasmania.

In 2014, the Liberals removed Hobart Airport’s permanent AFP detail – a decision condemned by the Australian Federal Police Association, the Police Association of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government, and state and federal Liberals.


Hobart Airport is the only airport in an Australian capital city without an AFP presence. The AFP presence in Tasmania overall has fallen from 30 personnel to five – an extraordinary 84 per cent reduction under the Liberals.

These cuts have forced Tasmania Police to divert resources away from community policing and emergency management services across Tasmania to protect Hobart Airport.

The AFP are experts in ensuring our national security, fighting serious crimes such as drug trafficking, firearms trafficking, human trafficking, fraud and organised crime.  The Liberals relentless cuts are likely to be impacting on the AFP operations in Tasmania.

Tasmanians have exactly the same right as any other Australian to the protection of the AFP.

Labor’s plan will boost the number of AFP in Tasmania from five personnel to 21 to ensure more effective cooperation with state police and federal authorities to keep Tasmanians safe.

This policy has a budget cost $41 million over the budget forward estimates. We will pay for this policy by making multinationals pay their fair share and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town.