Labor's Plan To Support Women's Reproductive Rights


A Shorten Labor Government will deliver Australia’s first ever National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy to make sure all Australian women can access legal, safe, affordable reproductive health services.

Reproductive choice and access to basic health care are fundamental rights. Labor’s plan will improve access to contraception and ensure women can access the health services they need, where and when they need them.

The Liberal Government has refused to support improved reproductive health services, saying that the debate about women’s access to basic health care needs isn’t “good for our country.”


Labor will develop and implement Australia’s first National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy to deliver improved reproductive choice and better health outcomes for Australian women and their families. Labor will:

  • Take national leadership to progress the decriminalisation of abortion across Australia.
  • Support all women to access termination services in public hospitals.
  • Establish a new Tasmanian Reproductive Health Hub so women aren’t forced to travel interstate to have a termination.
  • Improve access to effective contraceptives to reduce rates of unplanned pregnancies by reviewing the Medicare rebate for long-acting reversible contraceptives.
  • Ask the Therapeutic Goods Administration to advise government on options to reduce barriers to improve access to the contraceptive pill.
  • Support medical practitioners who prescribe medical terminations through a new online community of practice so GPs can access peer support and advice, as well as connect with pharmacists and other service providers.
  • Review Medicare rebates associated with medical terminations to address access and affordability issues.
  • Fund a national telephone referral service linking women to safe, credentialed providers of termination services.
  • Restore funding to the Australian Women’s Health Network.

Labor’s ground-breaking strategy will focus on five key priority areas:

  1. Restoring national leadership to ensure that Australians can access safe, legal, quality sexual and reproductive health services and supports based on health care need – not geography, socioeconomic status or other characteristics.
  2. Improving access to services to support reproductive rights so that women can access safe, legal, affordable termination services if they need them.
  3. Supporting women to manage their ability to conceive a child to reduce unplanned pregnancies and boost women’s control over their fertility.
  4. Preventing, diagnosing and treating sexually transmissible infections to reduce their impact on women’s sexual and reproductive health.
  5. Addressing specific reproductive health issues such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, transvaginal mesh and female genital mutilation.