Landcare Rangers

  • To restore and protect our natural environment, Labor will deliver up to 1,000 full time equivalent Landcare Rangers across the country.
  • Landcare Rangers will work with local Landcare and Natural Resource Management groups on practical restoration and conservation projects.

Why we need this

The Morrison Government have dragged their heels on bushfire recovery, climate change, koalas, threatened species and the Great Barrier Reef.  

Australian icons like the platypus and the koala are under immense pressure, and so are our iconic natural places like the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu.  

Australia leads the world in mammal extinctions but the Morrison Government is seeking to downgrade protections for threatened species.  

Labor has a proud history of protecting the environment. Labor in government protected the Daintree, Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef, the Franklin and Antarctica. We created Landcare and we created the largest network of marine parks in the world. 

The details

Labor’s Landcare Rangers program will support practical, local action to protect and restore the environment and help rangers get new skills and qualifications.

An Albanese Labor Government will boost the capacity of local Landcare and Natural Resource Management groups with Landcare Rangers who can work with local volunteers on conservation and restoration projects.

Projects and locations will be selected based on environmental and biodiversity benefits, as well as local underemployment, unemployment and participation rates.

Landcare Rangers will have the opportunity to access Labor’s fee-free TAFE program to study relevant courses in areas of skills shortage. Where possible people will also gain credit towards their course from their work as a Landcare Ranger.

As Landcare Ranger positions will have a training and skills development focus, positions will be for 12 months, on average. With up to 1,000 positions in total over the next 4 years.

Landcare Ranger jobs will have proper pay and conditions. Grant payments will be made to organisations including Landcare groups and Natural Resource Management bodies to deliver the positions.

This investment in Landcare Rangers will cost $75 million over the forward estimates.