More liveable cities and suburbs

An Albanese Labor Government will invest in our cities and suburbs to make them more productive, sustainable and liveable.

Our six point plan for cities will:

  1. Transform City Deals into genuine City Partnerships – promoting genuine collaboration between the three levels of government, business and the community.
  2. Revitalise our CBDs.
  3. Renew the independent role of Infrastructure Australia – through the creation of an Australian Cities and Suburbs unit.
  4. Produce an annual state of the cities report to inform policy-making with evidence.
  5. Deliver a new National Urban Policy framework.
  6. Give local government a voice in a meaningful National Cabinet process.

The Morrison Government has vacated the field on cities policy. It is failing to provide leadership and direction, and this is leaving cities and suburbs behind.

An Albanese Government will act to ensure a better future for people living in our cities and suburbs.