Private Health Insurance


13 million Australians will receive relief from soaring private health insurance premiums with a Shorten Labor Government to cap the price increases of private health insurers at 2% for two years.

Private health insurance premiums have increased on average by more than 30% under the Liberals, leaving Australian families paying an average of more than $1,000 every year for private health than they were when the Liberals came to power in 2013.

Australians are being ripped off – it’s time to shift the balance back in the interests of families, rather than the big health insurance companies. Prices are up, profits are up – but quality and value are way down.

That’s why we are making this unprecedented decision to shift the balance back to consumers – helping families access the health care they need while taking pressure off the weekly budget.

Labor is choosing to put Australian families first, instead of the interests of the multi-billion dollar private health industry.

Labor will also task the Productivity Commission with the most significant review of the private health system in 20 years to make sure that private health insurance is good value into the future.