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Protecting the NBN is vital

Protecting the National Broadband Network from Tony Abbott is a priority for people from regional Australia. Annie Lucadou-Wells from Smithton in Tasmania shares her thoughts on the Coalition's broadband announcement. 

I’ve been connected to the NBN in my home since its inception, and in my small business for almost one year. A broadband network equipped for the future is not only important to people living in regional areas like mine, but also for Australia’s competitiveness and economic success.

Tony Abbott has released a plan for broadband that doesn’t come close to what the NBN is already achieving across of Australia. Worse, he’s trying to hijack the debate on broadband and steer it away from the facts.

Here’s a quick comparison between the NBN and Tony Abbott’s proposal:

  • With the NBN, connecting to high speed fibre broadband is free. With Tony Abbott’s plan you’ll be required to pay up to $5,000 to connect
  • The NBN is using new fibre, wireless and satellite technology to provide high-speed broadband, whereas Tony Abbott’s plan, by his own admission, would rely on decades-old copper cabling
  • The NBN will connect 93 per cent of homes by fibre, but the Coalition won’t even say how their plan compares. All we know is that Malcolm Turnbull confirmed it would be a “much smaller percentage”.

The NBN is a strategic investment for our future. Tony Abbott’s plan is based on the notion that the way we use the internet will stay the same for the next 20 years. It doesn’t take a computer engineer to realise how much has changed in the way we use the internet now compared to 20 years ago.



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