Budget 2015

Smell of pork in the air means pre-election budget

The announcement of nearly $100 million of ambiguously titled grants programs with little detail and even less scrutiny is proof positive last night’s Budget is a short sighted political fix designed to save Tony Abbott.

These last minute cash splashes won’t make up for the cuts of nearly $2 billion Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have made to critical community infrastructure funding and local government grants.

This includes the decision to rip $925 million out of Australian communities in last year’s unfair Budget.

It also won’t make up for Tony Abbott’s unfair petrol tax or $80 billion cuts to health and education.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have handed down a Budget which delivers 17 new taxes, more debt, higher unemployment and a deficit which has doubled in a year.

With regional unemployment at a 12 year high, the Prime Minister has delivered a Budget which puts his job first, at the expense of jobs in regional and rural Australia.

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