Volunteering is the most important way you can help Labor win this election.

People help out in all different ways, and there’s always someone friendly to show you the ropes. We’d love you on board even if you can just spare an hour or so every now and a then. It all counts!

We’re building the biggest people-driven campaign in Australian political history, and you should be a part of it.

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Talking to Voters

We don’t have long to shape the outcome of this election, and talking to people in your community will make all the difference. We need people like you to join us as we chat to the voters who will decide this election.


Being part of the team

You’re joining our community of thousands of everyday Australians across the country. Labor volunteer teams work together to change our country (as well as having a BBQ or two along the way!).


Winning the election

The Liberals may get cash from the big end of town, but they’ll never understand people power. We’ve got a plan to win this election by having one million conversations with Australians. But we all need to pitch in.