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Standing with Labor

Yesterday, we attended our first ever election rally. It was for Julie Collins, our local Labor Member's campaign launch.

We're not rusted on Labor people. We're not party members. We both grew up and worked on farms in rural Victoria, where the local Member was always from the other side. For most of our lives, we even voted for the other side.

But during the Howard Government, we started to worry that Australia was changing. The Government tried to tell people that being Australian wasn't about looking after your neighbours, it was about looking after yourself. We started to worry that Australia was becoming mean – that we were forgetting what it meant to be compassionate.

It's been a long journey for us, but we decided to attend Julie's event because we care about the kind of Australia our leaders are making.

We care about people getting a fair wage, especially young people working late or odd hours.

We care about protecting our environment and doing something about climate change.

We care about kids getting a chance to go to decent public schools and achieve their potential, like our two kids did.

And perhaps a little selfishly, we want the National Broadband Network so that we can talk to our daughter Claire while she's living overseas.

Most of all, we care about an Australia that cares. That's why we're standing with Labor this election.

Margaret and Terry McConville

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