Will you support the National Integrity Commission?

Every Australian has a right to feel confident that their government is open, transparent and free from corruption.

Corruption has no place in Australia – at any level of government – and governments should do everything they can to prevent it.

In recent years there has been a loss of public faith in our Commonwealth institutions.

It’s time to restore that trust, and show that we can do better.

In January, Bill Shorten announced that a Labor Government will establish a National Integrity Commission – a new federal anti-corruption commission tasked with investigating allegations of serious corruptionand preventing any serious problems before they arise.

It’s been months since Bill made that announcement and the government has done nothing. They think there is “no persuasive evidence” such a body is needed. We disagree.

Sign the petition to pledge your support for a political system where Australians have confidence in the integrity of their government, their parliament, the public service and our public institutions.

Let’s send the government a message.