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The Choice

Every Budget has choices and big decisions that affect the future of the country. But they’re not really choices about money; they’re choices about people.

Tonight’s Budget lays out the country’s priorities and plan for what kind of Australia we want to be.

For Labor, that means a fair go. A fair go for those who suffer from a disability, a fair go for kids who deserve a better education and a fair go for Australians wanting a job.

We made this video to detail the clear choice our country faces this year. We need as many people to see this as possible, and that can’t happen without you.

We need you to get the facts out about how this Budget will help Australians who need it most, including our record investment in education and DisabilityCare Australia. Click here to share the video on Facebook or here to retweet it on Twitter.

This Budget has been produced in challenging circumstances, but the decisions we have made for our nation’s future have always put jobs and growth front and centre.

Labor has made sure that people come first. And with your support, that’s what we’ll keep doing.

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