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The facts on university funding

Funding to universities has gone up significantly under Labor. With record levels of funding increases, some savings will be made in order to help pay for the biggest change to schools funding in nearly 50 years. With so much misinformation around about this, it has become easy to lose sight of the facts.

FACT     No student currently enrolled at university will be worse off as a result of changes to the Start-up Scholarships.

FACT     Overall funding for universities will continue to grow at record levels.

FACT     Student income support expenditure has increased by 78% under Labor.

FACT     More uni students can now access Youth Allowance than ever before.

FACT     Only Tony Abbott wants to bring back full fee-paying places – rewarding only those who can afford it.

FACT     Funding for higher education remains at the highest levels in Australia’s history

FACT     Tony Abbott wants to ditch the school reforms, but keep the university savings.



Australian Government Higher Education Expenditure: Coalition expenditure V Labor investment, and total Labor investment less saving announced.

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