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Isobel's Story About Student Services

Labor has always been committed to ensuring student services on campus. But this legacy is under threat from Tony Abbott's Coalition Government.

Check out Isobel’s story about how student services helped her:

Isobel.jpg“Hi, my name is Isobel.

I moved from Canberra to study a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. For me, uni was a way of improving my life for the better.

Like almost all students, I regularly use the student services on-campus.

Back in 2012, Labor introduced the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to ensure universities could offer students the basic services they need.

I'm concerned about the Coalition’s plans to cut SSAF as this means prices on campus will go up while access to important student services will be cut.

I personally know how important student services are. My experience with the free on-campus counselling service made a big difference to my wellbeing. Without it, I don’t think uni would be the same fantastic experience.

The abolition of SSAF would hurt so many students who rely on them, through cuts to free legal services, sports facilities and free medical clinics.”

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