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You'll Pay for Abbott's Lies

We're going to call out Tony Abbott on his lies – lies that will hurt those who can least afford it. Australians are shocked by just how vicious this budget is. People struggling to make ends meet are incredulous that the Government would be so unfair in the choices they've made.

Waiting until the election to remind people of the true colours of Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey isn't an option. We have to start now. That's why this ad goes to air. I'm hoping you can help out with $5 dollars so we keep the ad on the air so as many Australians as possible see it. We don't have the money to advertise outside of an election campaign, but we can't stand by and let Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey get away with this so we're doing it anyway.

Last Thursday night Bill Shorten told Parliament this Government's budget forgot what makes our country great. He said it forgot reward for effort, opportunity and the fair go. He looked across the chamber at Tony Abbott and told him:

"Labor hasn't forgotten. We still believe in fairness. We still believe in an Australia that includes everyone, that helps everyone, that lets everyone be their best, that leaves no-one behind. And it is the Australia that Labor will always fight for… If you think we are too weak – bring it on." 

The fight starts now. Labor will not give up on Medicare, we will not ask people who make a living working in physical labour to work until they are 70, and we will not ignore the slashing and burning of education which leaves kids who need the most help with the least. 

This budget is a betrayal and this TV ad says so in no uncertain way.  By starting now we can make sure the Australian community never forgets that betrayal.

Can you chip in $5 and help make sure as many Australians as possible see the truth of Tony Abbott’s budget?

The more we raise, the more we can make sure no one forgets the cruelty of this Budget.

Donate $5 today and help us drive home what Abbott is really all about.

Thank you, 

National Secretary

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