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Vale Gough Whitlam - 1916 to 2014

Gough Whitlam offered us a vision of what Australia might be -- a modern, multicultural nation, where opportunity belongs to everyone.

Free university education and universal healthcare. The Racial Discrimination, Aboriginal Land Rights and the Family Law Act. Protection of the Great Barrier Reef from oil drilling.

Gough ended conscription, the death penalty and he made Advance Australia Fair our national anthem. He put our suburbs at the centre of national debate.

Gough Whitlam spent his entire political life reaching for higher ground – he redefined our country and changed the life of a generation, and generations beyond.

He inspired us all in some way and he will continue to inspire us.

There will be more tears shed for Gough Whitlam today than perhaps any other leader in Australian history.

Our thoughts are with his family – a family that has given so much to our nation. Especially Margaret, a great Australian in her own right.

If you’d like to offer your condolences to the Whitlam family you can leave your message here, as I have done.

We’ll compile the messages in a book which we’ll pass onto his family.

We’ll also retain a copy in the Labor archives so generations to come have a record of just how much Gough Whitlam meant to us all.

‘It’s time’ Gough told us. And because of him, because of his life and his legacy, it’s always time.

Gough fought the good fight, and Labor will continue that fight in his honour.

- Bill Shorten

Send your condolences to the Whitlam Family here

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