National Executive

National Executive

The National Executive is the chief administrative authority of the Australian Labor Party, subject only to Labor's National Conference.

The National Executive is responsible for carrying out the decisions of National Conferences and administering the party between conferences amongst other specific roles as defined by the National Constitution. It meets at least three times a year.

National Executive is made up of the National President and National Vice Presidents (who are directly elected by Labor members), the Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, the President of Australian Young Labor, the National Labor Women's Network Co-Convenors, the National Secretary and 20 members elected by National Conference.

Members of the ALP's National Executive

  • Wayne Swan (National President)*
  • Mark Butler (National Senior Vice President)*
  • Mich-Elle Myers (National Junior Vice President)*
  • Paul Erickson (National Secretary)*
  • Anthony Albanese (Leader, Federal Parliamentary Labor Party)
  • Ali Amin (Australian Young Labor President)*
  • Trish Marinozzi (National Labor Women's Network Co-Convenor)*
  • Kay Densley (National Labor Women's Network Co-Convenor)*
  • Tim Ayres
  • Jannette Armstrong
  • Susie Byers
  • Raff Ciccone
  • Kate Doust
  • Gerard Dwyer
  • Senator Karen Grogan
  • Rose Jackson
  • Graeme Kelly
  • Tara Moriarty
  • Bob Nanva
  • Michael O'Connor
  • Josh Peak
  • Michael Ravbar
  • Amanda Rishworth
  • Stacey Schinnerl
  • Wendy Streets
  • Shannon Threlfall-Clarke
  • Senator Linda White
  • Carolyn Smith

*Non-voting members