Libby Coker


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26/500-540 Torquay Road
Armstrong Creek VIC 3217

(03) 5261 7683

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Member for Corangamite

As a Surf Coast resident for thirty years, a former teacher and shire councillor, Libby Coker had already given a lot of her life to community service before becoming an MP in our national parliament.

This experience, along with supporting her two daughters through their infant and school years, has shaped the priorities and values Libby holds dear.

Libby believes she has a responsibility to work hard to maintain a high quality primary, secondary and university education sector, to provide a safety net of health and other services for all Australians, and to prepare our economy for the transition to sustainability.

Libby is particularly interested in capturing jobs in her own region resulting from a net zero emissions economy. Significantly, Libby wants women to share in these new job opportunities, with secure work, not the typical casualised, low-paid work that many women have had to put up with in the past.

Libby also wants to see better planning around our cities and townships to ensure the environment is protected and safe, livable communities are created.