ALP 2022 Federal Election Review

Today the ALP National Executive has moved to commence a review of the Party’s 2022 Federal Election campaign, and has appointed the Hon. Greg Combet AM and Lenda Oshalem to lead this review. 

The ALP National Executive welcomes the 2022 Federal Election results which saw Labor win government from opposition for only the fourth time since the Second World War. 

Labor gained 10 seats from the Coalition, enabling the ALP to form government with a majority of 77 members in the House of Representatives. 

To build on this electoral success, the ALP understands the need to examine both Labor’s campaign and the 2022 Federal Election results, to inform and make recommendations on Federal Labor’s political strategy and campaign developments over the next three years. 

The review will call for submissions from candidates, Party members, affiliates and other interested parties and will deliver its report at the end of November.

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