SA Election Result: Congratulations to SA Labor

Federal Labor congratulates Peter Malinauskas and his team on a stunning victory in South Australia. 

Peter Malinauskas and SA Labor defied all expectations to oust an incumbent government for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

This result sends a clear message that voters have had enough of Liberal governments that are out of touch with their lives. 

It also shows that the community are looking for leadership focused on delivering real results, taking responsibility, and planning for the future.

Peter and his team won the confidence of voters by putting people first. 

They offered South Australians a real plan for improving health care. 

They stayed focused on building a better future and creating a stronger South Australia for the next generation, and they listened to voters. 

That’s the sort of leadership South Australians want for themselves and their kids, and this result is a resounding victory for Labor.

The swing was everywhere in South Australia – there was nowhere for the Liberals to hide. 

The suburbs, the hills, the beaches, the regions, the industrial towns, the outback all turned against the Liberals.

The consistency of the swing against the government demonstrates this. 

This was not just about rejecting Steven Marshall’s government – it was a rejection of the Liberals brand. 

Whilst the failures and mistakes of Premier Marshall played a big part the person who has done the most damage to the Liberal Party brand in Australia in the last three years is Scott Morrison. 

This result should have all of his MPs trembling. 

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