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Member for Higgins

Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah is Labor’s Member for Higgins.

From humble beginnings, Michelle’s parents migrated to Australia in search of a better life for their children. Michelle understands the powerful role that education and hard work can play in changing lives.

Her parents bent the arc of their lives through education. And it was through her own drive and work ethic that Michelle is became one of Australia’s leading experts in infectious diseases.          

At a major Melbourne Hospital, Michelle led a team of frontline healthcare professionals. As COVID-19 struck, they faced unprecedented challenges and risks. With nurses and doctors terrified by the tragic scenes of COVID-19 in hospitals overseas, Michelle co-founded Health Care Workers Australia. Together with hundreds of frontline healthcare professionals, Michelle led the fight to better our pandemic response.

Michelle believes that now is the time for science, not spin. For unity, not division.

As our country faced unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges, and with the pandemic exposing the Morrison Liberal Government’s ineptitude, Michelle decided to do something about it.

As your Member for Higgins, Michelle puts thoughtful leadership and scientific expertise back at the centre of government.

Michelle lives in Melbourne with her husband, two children and two big, friendly dogs.