Madonna Jarrett

Candidate for Brisbane

How to vote for Labor in Brisbane

Madonna Jarrett is Labor’s candidate for Brisbane.

Madonna was born and raised in Paddington and is a local and working mum of twin boys, and is a business professional with decades of private sector experience.

She knows that policy choices impact people’s livelihoods. Her family relied on award wages and penalty rates to get food on the table; Medicare for the stitches and plaster casts; and a pension so her grandparents could live in dignity into old age. In the workplace she has advocated for inclusion especially for women and youth, including being a mentor as well as lending her voice to policy forums; all in an effort to build a better future.

Like many Brisbanites, Madonna strives for a better future. She will stand-up for secure jobs with a focus on sustainable industries, affordable education and a well-funded services that protect our most vulnerable in hospitals, aged care and the NDIS systems.

Madonna knows we need a change in culture in Canberra – not just more of the same from the Morrison LNP government. She wants more leaders in Canberra who care about women, who are prepared to put women at the centre of decision making and move them to the front of the room. She will be a strong voice for change in Canberra.

She has the experience to know we must expect more than what we get from this LNP Government. She will be on your side for a better future.