Mary Doyle

Candidate for Aston

Mary is the youngest of nine and was raised in Echuca. At the age of 17, Mary left home and moved to the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne where she continues to live today. Mary worked several ad hoc jobs before attending TAFE to study Performing Arts. Mary performed with a few bands in the local music scene as a singer.

At 25, Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to take 2 months off her casual job for treatment and recovery and had to rely on sickness benefits during this time. Thankfully Mary made a successful recovery, and three years later got married and three years after that became mum to Clancy and then later on, Lily. For the last 10 years Mary has been a single mum and recently became the legal guardian for her great-niece Jamilah after the unexpected passing of her much loved niece, Melanie.

Having experienced hardships in her life, Mary has first hand knowledge of what life can throw at people. Overcoming a health crisis so young and relying on social support, then later on being a single mum juggling out of school hours care and living expenses, Mary knows; she has been there and she wants to make things better. That’s why Mary’s is running as Labor’s candidate for Aston – to create a better future for people in her local community.

Mary has worked as an Organiser with the FSU, HACSU and worked for ACTU as the Marketing Officer then later as the Partnerships Manager. Currently Mary works as an Organiser with the NTEU. Mary is dedicated to ensuring that workers have secure wages and better rights at work.