Rob Mitchell


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Office Address
57-59 High St
Wallan VIC 3064

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PO Box 380
Wallan VIC 3064

(03) 5716 3000

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Member for McEwen

Rob has lived most of his adult life in the electorate of McEwen, and now lives in Whittlesea with his partner Lisa and their two dogs, Zoe and Bruiser. He’s a local with real world experience and a proven record for keeping his promises. When he says he’ll do something, he makes sure he does it.

Rob has always had a hands-on role the community. Starting work in a shoe factory, seeing the experiences of his workmates on the factory floor inspired him to stand up and protect worker’s rights. Rob was an RACV mechanic helping Victorian drivers and was a proud founding member of Australia’s first Community Emergency Response Team in Craigieburn.

Rob was the first Labor member elected to the Victorian Legislative Council seat of Central Highlands in 2002.

As a local, Rob understands the needs of families in the growing North of Victoria to have a secure job, a safe community and better access to the services we all need. He is committed to investing in children’s future through innovation in education, protecting Medicare rather than dismantling it, investing in and not cutting our health services, investing in job-creating infrastructure and looking after our pensioners, not making life harder for them.

Rob is focused on ensuring the ongoing concerns of black spot mobile phone connections and access to quality internet services are properly addressed.

Rob will continue to fight for a fair share for his fast-growing communities.