Oppose Dutton's Risky Reactors

Peter Dutton's plans to power Australia using nuclear power - simply don't add up.

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Experts agree nuclear is too expensive, too slow to build and too risky.

Peter Dutton's nuclear plan will see Australians paying more for their power bills and taxes – not less. 

CSIRO and AEMO figures show that the cost of a single plant is as high as $16 billion.

If elected Prime Minister, Peter Dutton would gamble our economic and energy security with a bet on risky and expensive nuclear reactors.

But Mr Dutton’s announcement left more questions than answers, hiding details on how much bills and taxes would rise, and on the size of their seven risky reactors.

Australia needs to invest in new forms of energy now, to keep the lights on and to push power bills down - there is simply not time to wait to build new nuclear power stations.

And nuclear would be more expensive than renewables and coal and gas - meaning Aussies paying more in their power bills and taxes!

For nearly a decade, the former Liberal National Government’s mismanagement of our energy policy has been a threat to our economy.

We can’t afford another wasted decade.

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